Come with me to a little town in Massachusetts that is known for its witches. Wandering through the center of Salem, Massachusetts is like going to a horror show. I visited one weekend, having read about the town for years and being a witch fancier. The center of town exuded gloom and doom. Yet there was a carnival spirit, and I felt like it was Halloween and I was the only one without a costume! Everywhere around me on the street and beckoning from shop windows were reminders of a dark chapter in American history. Statues of vengeful priests and sheriffs, evil-looking witches casting spells, pictures of torture pits, executions and executioners showing how the witches were treated. Any wonder that Salem is called “Witch City!”

In the 1600’s people believed-to-be witches were tried, tortured and killed. They were accused by God-fearing settlers of practicing “black magic” to hurt and destroy. True, some of the so-called witches frightened and terrified their accusers. But other witches wanted to survive in that rough new country of America, and peaceably continue their practices.

The “magic” that the accused witches used is very old. It goes back to the beginning of time as a way to survive. It is called by several names: “white witchcraft” and “black witchcraft.” Witches may use both, depending on what they want to happen.

“White Witchcraft“ believers follow Mother Nature, The Earth, God, and Goddess. They observe and live by cycles/seasons of the year in the physical world. also studying signs from planets, sun and moon. Herbs, flowers, trees, crystals, colors, fire and candles are used in ceremonies and casting spells. White witchcraft’s purpose is to help people and the planet.