What is a magic box? It’s a secret place for magical treasures. What are

these treasures? Funny things, sad things, glad things and even scary

things. A magic box is only for you. You can make the “box” in the air in a

cloud, in your mind, in a shoebox or birdcage! It is yours to keep and it is

magic because it contains places, times, people that aren’t like anything

else you ever saw, felt, heard or dreamed about before. Magic is about:

surprise seeing a falling star, wonder when a magician pulls a rabbit out

of a hat, and the delicious smell of pizza. It is also shivers in a spooky

house. You store these things because they leave a memory trace that

you can’t forget. Magic changes you. Suddenly you feel different. It makes

you understand what you didn’t know was there. Afterwords things around

you look cleaner, shinier, bigger, clearer. Make your magic box. It is

always there for you.


Author’s note: Look up online the poem, THE MAGIC BOX, by Kit Wright

Patricia Ann Reid

Copyright Patricia Ann Reid July 2014

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