Patricia Ann Reid

Think of a time when something unusual happened to you, like a crazy joke that made you laugh, a scary place with ghosty shadows, a kid doing handstands, a falling star zooming across the sky, orthe delicious smell of roasting pizza, and a soap sculpture you made.. It could also be when you’re at Disneyland or watching a magician make you believe that the rabbit really did come out of a hat!

Suddenly you feel different, a little strange. The world around you is bigger, clearer and you hear and see things you hadn’t before. You feel somehow removed from everyday life and the feeling stays with you. Something changed. The impossible seemed possible, and it was magical. Does this sound like something that happened to you? .

Magic has been part of our history for 5000 years in various forms. Macmillan Dictionary gives meanings for magic that vary from the supernatural to magician’s tricks, and to the mystical quality of people and situations that makes them unusual

THE MAGIC BOX is a poem by Ken Wright. It is funny, serious, ridiculous, moving and real. It gave me the idea for talking about magic. I’ll show you why. In it the poet starts each section of the poem (stanza) with the statement “I will put in the box” things like “fire from the nostrils of a Chinese dragon, and ‘the tip of a tongue touching a tooth,” and “witch on a white horse,” a leaping spark from an electric fish.

Poet Kit Wright’s suggests different ways to look at the world. Magic can do that. Look at your experiences like Wright does, in the spirit if fun but also learning about yourself in a special way that is your magic. Begin by saying over to yourself what is magical for you. Then decide on a design and colors for a box and how to decorate it. Make a lock for it, how about an alligator with a mouth that snaps open and shut. You know, things like that.

It’s magic! You’ve done it!

Part II The Magic Box More about magic and people.. Find the poem online under The Poetry Society.

Copyright Patricia Ann Reid May 2014.